Monday, August 23, 2010

School again

James and Gavin have been excited about school. James is in First Grade this year and Gavin starts Kindergarten. They both met their teachers last week and have been counting down the days.

Gavin woke up really early this morning and he and I gave Michael a ride to work. When we got home we woke up James and made a lunch for Gavin and then got dressed in uniforms to head up to school. Everything was upbeat and going well.

James found his table in the cafeteria(they all sit at a table and then the teachers come get their classes), and Gavin and I found his table. Gavin said he was feeling "shy" so we looked for people he's played with. He found his friend Cathal and went to sit next to him. As they stood up to get in line, I walked opver to walk with him(you can only do this the first week of kinder at our school), but he didn't see me. He started looking lost and saying "Mommy". I couldn't get his attention and then he started to cry. I started to cry and by the time I got to him, I was feeling pretty sad:( My sweet tiny baby! How could I leave him, he isn't big enough for kinder~but I wiped the tears and told him he was going to have so much fun! We walked to the class and he found his seat. I stayed as long as I could and told him Daddy would be there for lunch in two hours. He accpeted it. I think by now he is having fun on his first day of school.

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