Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Went for a trolley ride

On Saturday we went to the Aquarium as planned. We decided that we would walk over to the trolley and take a quick ride to get a bite. The boys met a friend. It is so amazing how easy friendship comes at this age, such open acceptance and instant fun! The family had a little boy James' age so the boys sat together and looked out the window. We hopped off on McKinney Ave and headed to Primo's. The food is not my favorite...
It got a bit chilly as it got dark so we rushed back to the trolley stop and were happy that the trolley was there quickly. On the trolley the conductor was chatting with Jim about how may cars just pull in front of him when~wham...we hit a car. It was not a hard impact on our end but it was very bad for the car. It meant we were stuck on the trolley for close to 2 hours. No one was injured, thank goodness.
This story in and of itself would be mildly interesting, but it ums up my life at the moment. WE went for a trolley ride and we ended up taking a 3 hour trip. Everything in my life seems far more complicated than planned. Things are all muddled up with thoughts of my Mom so they take hours and get completely confused...there is good in the day, but often the train wreck muddles it up.

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