Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Mother

In the past week my Mother has had several downturns, leading me to believe the disease is progressing towards death. About 1 month ago we were told the chemo was no longer working on her cancer and that Hospice would be a logical choice, my Mom wanted to continue her fight with a first line clinical trial. I support her in making decisions that make her feel comfortable, but had concerns because we were told the clinical trial was to test symptoms rather than efficacy of the drug. She had one round 2 weeks ago.
My Mom is currently in Baylor Hospital. She went in a week ago with pain and redness on her abdomen and a fever. It has been discovered she has a perforated bowel and is septic. Her blood pressure was very low(68/40's) and she was given blood to help stabilize it.She is now retaining fluids causing Edema in her lower extremities and chest. She sustained a pretty severe fall three days ago but nothing was broken, just some bruising and a bump on her head. Last night she went into respiratory distress.A team was called and she remains on 100% oxygen.
She is focussed on recovering from the fall. She wants to continue on in her fight.I have gottena bit numb to the daily life threatening conditions, but when faced with actually processing the information, it is extremely difficult. I can only imagine how it must feel to be the patient at this point.
Taking things moment by moment....

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