Friday, January 29, 2010

Today is cloudy

It really is, though I've been feeling this way even in the sun. It is cold and rainy...may get icy tonight.
I took a bit of me time this afternoon, just trying to find my bearings in this big world again. Feel so lonely I could cry...yes I know it's a song but it is how I feel today. I did cry at work...been really trying not to.
I need some of my own energy to rescue me from this miserable sadness. I also need to not be cranky to my hubby. That takes energy as well because the little things that annoy me normally are now really beyond annoying;)I think it has to do with exhaustion(I know now that this is from the grief and not unique to me).
Went and got my haircut...I like it but not sure I'll like it every day. IT seems a little higher maintenance than my pony tail.
I have a cold and when not on meds and vitamins feel pretty yucky. I want to curl up in bed but used my me time for the haircut;) all honesty my goal everyday is to curl up in bed(working on that one, too).
Would've called Mom today:(

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